Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cycling a CRIME?

Yesterday I bought a cycle, a brand new shiny "Hero Ranger Dirt Bike". I like them with thick tires and bare bones. So my wife and I decided to cycle around(she already has a cycle a month old), we decided we would go to one of the biggest malls "The Forum" in Kormangala. We cycled around, sweating even in the cool climes of Bangalore. However to our horror, the forum parking staff said, there is no cycle parking in the Forum parking area, I wonder why? He was allowing cars and two wheelers, a string of auto rickshaws stop in front of Forum, blocking all the traffic possible. What will thin cycles do harm by parking in the mall. Every where in the world, cycling is promoted, and in Bangalore, malls we are trying to demote them to cars and bikes. I see this is complete non-sense. Please if anybody has any contacts in newspapers/traffic police. Please do inform about this apathy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A multilevel Intermediate DataSet on Application Servers

I know the title seems confusing and misleading, however the concept is very simple.Why not have an object available on the App server which is a composite object getting data from various sources such as the DB, XML files, Text files or any other source. Now the problem here is how do you first of all populate (inject see prior blogs) this object. I came up with a concept to do the same. Imagine that you could create a class dynamically, which takes data from various sources, I visualize this as a workbench, where I could drag and drop any dataset and relate them in a certain way, that a dynamic class is written for this dataset. Generally I believe that any UI can be broken into a couple of base datastores, all we do at the end of the day is CRUD, so why rewrite things again and again. People try to read and write data with the help of queries(Database eg,..), even then you see a lot of redundant code being written, yes projects like hibernate have reduced this, but they throw the burden on following OOPS concepts, which are sometimes dicey. Also such concepts have a "Climb a Tree" approach. They first define the object model and then they allow you to do a DB design. I believe this approach is more harmful, when it comes to integrating with other systems. So in my opinion, once whould be able to bring in various data sources and the work bench dynamically recognises the relationships between them. A part of this kind of work is done by applications like business objects. We could take this to the next level by the concepts of MetaData of MetaData.

Continued tommorow.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Deep thoughts?

Everyday morning I get up sleepy eyed, just to think the above question, why do I have to work for a software company. At the end of the day all I do is build a few lines of code, answer some of the customers issues(not that they are boring), but what is my life's motives to choose to do this. I sometimes wonder why????

Ok let us choose alternatives then,
- instead of coding I could be designing systems, is that fun??
- I could be an Entrepreneur, trying to bring a new idea/concept into the market.
- I could do something different, like become a shepherd. :-))

Any of these choices would lead me to the same path as before, why do I do what I do. Ancient seers in India, used to spend lifetimes meditating about such thoughts and I've always been told, that at the end of it, they were enlightened. By what I asked.The reply has always been you must experience it yourself. Well as somebody rightly put, if you are not desparate enough, you would not get what you want, I guess it is true here too, I'm not desparate enough to want what I want.

Strange the human brain, it wants too much and too fast, which can never happen, it knows it has to grow to be there, but it also looks for a shortcut.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some new object oriented ideas struck my head last night. I could not rest till I wrote this blog.

What we computer guys see is objects as a simple collection of parameters and some methods associated with them. Look differently here, how about an object like a complex form, like say a transaction completely, which has multiple sub-objects, which have the methods to be called. I say this as in real business scenario, we see the transactions as a set of operations, which are ultimately a set of methods. So why not look at an object in that form. Also in terms of a data structure, various datastore entities(DB,XML,Text Files, Audio,Video ...) comprise as a total subset to create an object. Hence this allows data to be linked from various places into a single object(I call it as "Injecting the Object"), once the set of data is used/changed, the same set can be ("Draining the object") saved back into the respective data stores.

Trying this concept with some crazy guys like me who seem to believe in this. I want to see how far can this take us.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Today morning I read a detail review in the news papers on what Dr Manmohansingh has spoken with the US president George Bush. A lot of hoopla has been created on the technological transfer, and the acceptance of India's prowess in Nuclear and Space technology. Are we great, by asking others to accept who we are? Are we trying to sell ourselves to them?

When India is not given a seat in UNSC , what is the use of being good, with nuclear and space technology? When the Americans in the 60's and 70's criticized Indira's regime and were on the brink of collapsing India, by asking China to put pressure on the borders, which WE OVERCAME.what is the use of being good, with nuclear and space technology?

Kissinger and Nixon are one of the most delirious characters of American history in my point of view when they could call Indira a bitch and these files are released now. Even after this kind of insult, we turn towards Americanism, in terms of technology, culture, day today living et al.... I can still see all of us appreciating what the west has to give and not focus on what we can give to the west. People still consider it a pride to study in the universities out there. Nobody bothered about improving the qualoty of education given here.

So now even after these allegations, we The Indian's have the nerve to be happy and publish in our newspapers that we have been accepted a society with better technology. Don't you see a paradox here, on one hand they are patting us, and on the other they are stabbing us. We are not naive people not to understand this, don't let the term Brain Drain lead to "Soul Drain".

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