Monday, July 25, 2005

Deep thoughts?

Everyday morning I get up sleepy eyed, just to think the above question, why do I have to work for a software company. At the end of the day all I do is build a few lines of code, answer some of the customers issues(not that they are boring), but what is my life's motives to choose to do this. I sometimes wonder why????

Ok let us choose alternatives then,
- instead of coding I could be designing systems, is that fun??
- I could be an Entrepreneur, trying to bring a new idea/concept into the market.
- I could do something different, like become a shepherd. :-))

Any of these choices would lead me to the same path as before, why do I do what I do. Ancient seers in India, used to spend lifetimes meditating about such thoughts and I've always been told, that at the end of it, they were enlightened. By what I asked.The reply has always been you must experience it yourself. Well as somebody rightly put, if you are not desparate enough, you would not get what you want, I guess it is true here too, I'm not desparate enough to want what I want.

Strange the human brain, it wants too much and too fast, which can never happen, it knows it has to grow to be there, but it also looks for a shortcut.


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