Thursday, July 28, 2005

A multilevel Intermediate DataSet on Application Servers

I know the title seems confusing and misleading, however the concept is very simple.Why not have an object available on the App server which is a composite object getting data from various sources such as the DB, XML files, Text files or any other source. Now the problem here is how do you first of all populate (inject see prior blogs) this object. I came up with a concept to do the same. Imagine that you could create a class dynamically, which takes data from various sources, I visualize this as a workbench, where I could drag and drop any dataset and relate them in a certain way, that a dynamic class is written for this dataset. Generally I believe that any UI can be broken into a couple of base datastores, all we do at the end of the day is CRUD, so why rewrite things again and again. People try to read and write data with the help of queries(Database eg,..), even then you see a lot of redundant code being written, yes projects like hibernate have reduced this, but they throw the burden on following OOPS concepts, which are sometimes dicey. Also such concepts have a "Climb a Tree" approach. They first define the object model and then they allow you to do a DB design. I believe this approach is more harmful, when it comes to integrating with other systems. So in my opinion, once whould be able to bring in various data sources and the work bench dynamically recognises the relationships between them. A part of this kind of work is done by applications like business objects. We could take this to the next level by the concepts of MetaData of MetaData.

Continued tommorow.


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