Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some new object oriented ideas struck my head last night. I could not rest till I wrote this blog.

What we computer guys see is objects as a simple collection of parameters and some methods associated with them. Look differently here, how about an object like a complex form, like say a transaction completely, which has multiple sub-objects, which have the methods to be called. I say this as in real business scenario, we see the transactions as a set of operations, which are ultimately a set of methods. So why not look at an object in that form. Also in terms of a data structure, various datastore entities(DB,XML,Text Files, Audio,Video ...) comprise as a total subset to create an object. Hence this allows data to be linked from various places into a single object(I call it as "Injecting the Object"), once the set of data is used/changed, the same set can be ("Draining the object") saved back into the respective data stores.

Trying this concept with some crazy guys like me who seem to believe in this. I want to see how far can this take us.


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