Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Today morning I read a detail review in the news papers on what Dr Manmohansingh has spoken with the US president George Bush. A lot of hoopla has been created on the technological transfer, and the acceptance of India's prowess in Nuclear and Space technology. Are we great, by asking others to accept who we are? Are we trying to sell ourselves to them?

When India is not given a seat in UNSC , what is the use of being good, with nuclear and space technology? When the Americans in the 60's and 70's criticized Indira's regime and were on the brink of collapsing India, by asking China to put pressure on the borders, which WE OVERCAME.what is the use of being good, with nuclear and space technology?

Kissinger and Nixon are one of the most delirious characters of American history in my point of view when they could call Indira a bitch and these files are released now. Even after this kind of insult, we turn towards Americanism, in terms of technology, culture, day today living et al.... I can still see all of us appreciating what the west has to give and not focus on what we can give to the west. People still consider it a pride to study in the universities out there. Nobody bothered about improving the qualoty of education given here.

So now even after these allegations, we The Indian's have the nerve to be happy and publish in our newspapers that we have been accepted a society with better technology. Don't you see a paradox here, on one hand they are patting us, and on the other they are stabbing us. We are not naive people not to understand this, don't let the term Brain Drain lead to "Soul Drain".


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You have also started. Better late than never.
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