Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cycling a CRIME?

Yesterday I bought a cycle, a brand new shiny "Hero Ranger Dirt Bike". I like them with thick tires and bare bones. So my wife and I decided to cycle around(she already has a cycle a month old), we decided we would go to one of the biggest malls "The Forum" in Kormangala. We cycled around, sweating even in the cool climes of Bangalore. However to our horror, the forum parking staff said, there is no cycle parking in the Forum parking area, I wonder why? He was allowing cars and two wheelers, a string of auto rickshaws stop in front of Forum, blocking all the traffic possible. What will thin cycles do harm by parking in the mall. Every where in the world, cycling is promoted, and in Bangalore, malls we are trying to demote them to cars and bikes. I see this is complete non-sense. Please if anybody has any contacts in newspapers/traffic police. Please do inform about this apathy.


At 9:23 PM, Blogger sathish said...

Young J
its not only in Forum, I faced this problem even @ Brigade Rd/MG Rd. Finally, I managed to squeeze in behind Barton Center, of course outside the gate...
these guys do not consider cycle as a vehicle which can be used to commute..
in some other places, u need 2 park ur cycle along with workers cycle and they might flick it off also..

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Young J said...

absoultely right, I think we have to do something about this.


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