Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Paradigm - REST

Web Services are making a headway into the world of software production(please note from now on after my earlier blog, I prefer to use the manufacturing terms for software). One of the key concepts which are defined is REST(Representational State Transfer). This is a Phd Dissertation by Roy Fielding in 2000. Interesting stuff, where he says that keep all your elements of your architecture losely coupled, and get them to communicate via XML. Say, you have 4 layers, Presentation, Presentation Logic, Business Logic and the Data Access Layer(I'm not considering the database layer as generally we do not use XML DB's). Presentation itself is an XML layer, considering the advent of XFORMS, which is going to revelutionize the front end world. Presentation Logic can be written in any language comfortable, so to the Business logic. The communication paradigm between these two could be a company's internal standards as well as a commonly acceptable standards. This not only allows communication between systems, but also between layers of a system, which would allow us to Loosely Couple the components. An intermediate interface layer which converts data to XML, or objects to XML, would also be a part of this paradigm.

I guess this kind of technology is going to create a new way we would use software, we would call the oracle service which is really losely coupled, to store our datasets. We would call Macromedia flex via the same, to show our front ends, we would call SAP's business logic, and at the same time, have our own business logic, to talk to others.

The logical start point and end points in such a framework would be XML


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