Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Seeds of the Next Silicon Valley

Business Week said :- "The Seeds of the Next Silicon Valley
How Indian tech companies are helping to incubate startups

At the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campus in Kharagpur, near Calcutta, a small team of engineers is beavering away on what they hope will prove a killer competitor to the BlackBerry. At IIT Bombay, an earth sciences professor is about to launch a company that will tap the vapor of geothermal springs to drive turbines, generators, and power stations -- the first company to do so in India. Across the country, at IIT Madras, students and professors have spun off a startup that's working on a no-frills network computer aimed at the Asian corporate and government markets that will sell for just $100. 'We dream of building billion-dollar-product companies here,' says Ashok Jhunjhunwala, an electrical engineering professor at IIT Madras. 'We believe we have laid the foundation for them.'" more:


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