Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tour de Office

"The last km was a sweating one, I could see the destination, a large blue building, with glass panes..... my office". I shifted my gears and pushed harder, no I'm not driving, I was cycling. It all started with my crazy idea of cycling from home to office(Jayanagar 9th Block to Whitefield, about 22 km). I had mentally divided this into stages, thought I stopped and rested only once for about 5min. The scariest part of the expedition was going over the Marathahalli Bridge, the truck drivers seem to eat you up there, scary. The whole tour took about 1hr 10min. What dissappointed me, was the building security insisted that I park outside, even when our company has a parking lot. As i said in my earlier blog, it is shameful.

Now I've got to think about going back home, sans the dust and pollution.....


At 2:33 AM, Blogger sathish said...

Way to go man!!
Hope you can do it regularly.. and not till the initial amusement of having bought a new cycle...


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