Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: What is Web 2.0?

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: What is Web 2.0?: "What is Web 2.0?

Listening to the wide-ranging conversations regarding the Web 2.0 meme, I keep coming back to the old Buffalo Springfield lyric in “For What It’s Worth”: “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”"

Friday, September 23, 2005

Dreams of Tipu Sultan

"My mission is to oust British out of India". Tipu Sultan, one of the greatest kings in the Indian history, a great man, who respected all religons, a man who had only one vision "Ousting the British".

All this is what I saw and felt in a play which I attended,(thanks to a friend of mine who invited me over as his wife was busy). The play "Dreams of Tipu Sultan" was performed in Rangashankara a theatre in J.P Nagar Bangalore. It is written by Girish Karnard, and performed by ART(Artists Repository Theatre).

It showed the dreams of Tipu Sultan interspersed with his life events and how he interpreted the dreams. Though as by my reckoning, the dreams parts was lesser than the actual life events.

Overall a well directed play and the performance was good. It had no sets/backdops, and yet the quality of the actors pulled it off. A must watch if possible or a must read of the book.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Will we ever hit the road to smooth traffic

Times of India says: "Scene: Shanghai. Eighteenlane roads, smooth traffic flow, no crisscrossing of roads, disciplined driving, no lane-jumping and traffic under control.
Scene: Bangalore. At best, 100-ft roads which accommodate two-way traffic. Hardly six lanes put together, bumper-to-bumper traffic, no lane discipline, all kinds of vehicles choke the roads and roads dug up almost everywhere. "

Crime- Koramangala

Bangalore Buzz: "KORAMANGALA, one of the posh areas of Bangalore today , is also known to be den for IT professionals. Of late, the area is in news for all the wrong reasons. Robbery , burglary and the like incidents are the order of the day . While the price of plots in Koramangala are on the rise, the risk involved in residing in this area is also increasing. BVT finds out the reason as to why this area has become the dome of such anti-social activities and the solutions to cope with this regular problem.",

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Entrepreneurs Are Predators

Tom Evslin: "Entrepreneurs Are Predators

Predators are smarter than prey. Hare-brained is an insult; sharp as a fox is a compliment.

I have an evolutionary theory to explain this (full disclosure: except for reading voraciously on the subject, I am totally unqualified to have evolutionary theories). A leopard chasing an impala can make a mistake, lose the quarry, learn from the mistake, and hunt more wisely on another day. If the impala makes a mistake, it becomes the leopard’s lunch. Predators fail often; prey fail only once.

So it would be a waste of energy for prey to have a large analytical brain or to divert any resources into learning while running away. Better just to have long legs, good ears, and a healthy paranoia. Thinking could be fatal. It also doesn’t take a lot of smarts to eat grass"

Monday, September 19, 2005

12 Months to Startup

WebKEW: 12 Months to Startup:

Wanting to get your own business off the ground? This article shows you the steps:

12 Months to Startup

The steps are:

1. Understand yourself
2. Research and Evaluate Your Idea
3. Choose a Business, a Location and its Structure, and Name It
4. Calculate the Costs
5. Write Your Business Plan
6. Identify Sources of Startup Financing
7. Work Through the Startup Paperwork Maze
8. Develop Your Marketing and Customer Service Plan
9. Court Your First Customers
10. Create Your Support Team
11. Execute Your Marketing Plan
12. Hang Out Your Shingle

Several of these steps can be simplified or eliminated if the company you are building is a small Web company. For example, you generally do need financing if you are opening a retail store, but you do not need financing to build a simple retail site on the web.

However, if you come to a point where want your small company to turn into a bigger one, you will probably find yourself going through most of these steps in one way or another. Therefore, it is good to know about the steps ahead of time.,

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Self Discipline

Bangalore Buzz says: It appears to be a mystery. The Traffic police seem to have pulled every trick out of their hats to tackle Bangalore's traffic woes, but traffic jams continue to haunt the City. Traffic experts have squarely blamed motorists for not following rules and regulations and causing congestion. The experts appear to be right." ,

Open source Business model

Dave pollard writes: There is as yet no consistent definition of Open Source Business. I've used the criteria for 'Open Source' from wikipedia to come up with this definition:A radically transparent organization which (a) operates through open collaborative partnerships with customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which it does business, (b) shares its sources of information, designs, specifications and processes with them, and (c) allows open participation in and makes public all decisions it makes, all operating information, and all documents it produces, on a creative commons basis.

The ex-wife vanishes and other tales

CNET news: "Microsoft researchers have come up with technology that can remove an image, say a person, from the foreground and then replicate the background that the no-longer-visible person was blocking. The technology,"

Friday, September 16, 2005

Balanced Scorecard

I got an invitation from a friend of mine(who incidentally is a big crazy guy on books) to go to a book signing event. Robert S Kaplan, who is the inventor of the Balance Scorecard approach was the GOH(guest of Honour). The location: Crossword(Bangalore) When: 14 Sep(18:30). The show started late with very few guys from KPMG and Accenture, who were Management Consultants who were trying to implement his approach for various clients of theirs. A short power failure in the shop to which Prof Kaplan suggested that it was an indication start. Most part of the talk was about why he came to write his books and what is currently in the pipeline. But when it got to the Q&A it turned out to be interesting. He has come to a conslusion that the Corporates in India do not Stratergise, hence we are not using the Balance Scorecard approach effectively. I wonder whether we stratergise or not. The Balance Scorecard approach in a minimalistic way suggests that a balanced approach towards people and finances are to be got. What I see in India is a balanced approach towards people. We are more of a society dependent individuals, hence defnitely we are people oriented. And talking about finances every business is here to do that. So I was wondering if this was a correct statement in an Indian context. One thing which I really felt, was when he said that Stratergy in US based companies are not only for companies, but for individuals too. He mentioned that a Chemical Engg in GE will be in the plastics division for a few years, and if he performs well, he will be shifted to the Finance Dept to Asia region for a few years, then probably he could be shifted to marketing in Europe.... This king of career plan stratergy is missing in India. I guess the reason is people are not loyal to a single company here.. :-)) no offence to guys who jump around, but even for a company to build a career plan stratergy a person has to perform consistently for atleast a period of 4-5 years in a particular team/dept, then movement across the company could be a possibility. I see sense in this approach as getting a board member is easier from within than hire a CEO from outside(Good example of failure in such cases is Pepsi CEO at Apple). Also there was small talk on where Balance Scorecard can fit(Size of company/team). As to what I understood from the whole talk is, Americans(not all) are more process oriented, if the processes are in place, then people would follow it and a good outcome is possible. However we Indians(Asians included too to a certain extent) are people oriented players, we are not too worried about processes, but more worried on people's emotions(literally speaking here). All in all a good session for me, woudld love to goto more of such kind of sessions.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google launches specialty search engine for blogs

Silicon Valley reports: "A new Google Inc. specialty search engine sifts through the Internet's millions of frequently updated personal journals, a long-anticipated development expected to help propel ``blogging'' into the cultural mainstream."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gates Lets Loose More Details On Windows Vista, Next-Generation Office

Information week says: "The next versions of Windows and Office will include enhancements that will drive PC and software upgrades unseen in many years, say Microsoft executives. ",

Bangalore Choking.....

Bangalore Buzzsays: BANGALORE, India Citing signs of slowing investment in Bangalore, companies are confronting the state government over the decrepit infrastructure here, saying it is threatening the city's position as a primary global destination for investment from overseas.

The Simple Reason eBay bought Skype

Ross Mayfield says: In two hours, eBay is holding a conference call about buying Skype. I'm visiting the Skype guys in Tallinn a couple of hours later. Lot's of folks are scratching their heads. I have no inside information, nor really want it, but can offer a simple explanation that the market seems to be missing -- that markets are conversations.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Now, Oracle May Finally Rest

Business Week says:After six acquisitions worth more than $17 billion in nine months, Oracle's (ORCL ) appetite for buying rivals may finally be sated. The software giant surprised few when it announced on Sept. 12 that it would purchase troubled Siebel Systems (SEBL ) for $5.85 billion. The deal -- rumored widely since Siebel stumbled in the first quarter and ousted Chief Executive Mike Lawrie after less than a year on the job -- steps up Oracle's challenge to Europe's SAP (SAP ) in the battle to dominate applications software.more...

Salesforce.com's AppExchange Offers Application Sharing

eWeek says:At its Dreamforce '05 user conference in San Francisco this week, Salesforce.com founder and CEO Marc Benioff detailed the next wave in on-demand computing for the company.
During his keynote address Monday, Benioff unveiled the details of AppExchange, Saleforce.com's new platform for sharing applications and components, an offering Benioff likened to the eBay of the applications world."more..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Power of Conversation

Corante says:
(posted by Paul B Hartzog)

“I don’t read anymore; I just talk to people who have.” — Dr. Tom Malloy, University of Utah

Dr. Malloy’s tongue-in-cheek comment sparked an interesting conversation about… well… conversation. When two people have a conversation, they act as proxies for the many ideas in their heads which are drawn from the many things they have read. In effect, a conversation is a many-to-many interaction that is both mediated and moderated by the participants. The individuals catalog, sort, tag, and filter ideas as they are drawn into the shared space of the conversation.

The upshot of this is that the memes, or actual ideas, gain a tremendous advantage in establishing new connections when conversations happen. Similar to Dawkin’s principle of the “selfish gene,” these “selfish memes” promote their longevity every time humans converse. For memes, the conversation is like sex, an opportunity to mingle, merge, and generate offspring that will outlast them."more...

Angel (Investors) in America:

Corante says:
Posted by Dana Blankenhorn

Richard Wingard has figured out a way to fund cutting-edge technology with angel investors, and hold them in their investments for nearly 7 years.

Wingard runs Euclid Discoveries, which is working on an object-based video compression technology he says will deliver 10 times the performance of MPEG-4, enough to “turn your iPod into a DVD player.”

And he’s done it all with angel investors, who are best-known for backing only early-stage customers. Wingard has rejected the entreaties of venture capital firms, saying their time frames for pay-outs are too short. Yet he has succeeded in getting angels who will wait as much as 7 years for a private auction of his technology, and a distribution.

Want to know how he did it?

1. Communication -- Both Wingard and his partner spend an incredible amount of time communicatiing with, and preparing communication for, the investors.
2. Validation -- Wingard hired Charles River Associates (now known as CRA International) to validate his claims, and value his claims, before asking for new investments and higher valuations.
3. Patents -- Wingard aggressively sought patents for his technology and now claims valid patents on video compression techniques he's using dated as early as 2004.
4. Exit Strategy -- Wingard has been clear with his investors from the beginning on exactly how and when they will get their money out, through a private auction of the technology, when it is ready for commercial deployment.

'There are more angels out there than in the past 5 years,' he concludes. 'We’ve now got a very good model, about getting investors, about maintaining them through the long haul of R&D.'

Google + Reuters?

Silicon Beat says : We don't usually traffic in unfounded rumors, but apparently the buzz among Wall Street traders is that Google wants to buy London-based Reuters. That's according to someone who spends a fair bit of his time talking to traders. Which maybe ties into this. Or maybe not. So there you go. Add it to the rumor pile."more...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some respite for the traffic conditions in Bangalore

Times of India says:
Sights, sounds and smells from Bangalore: "The Core Ring Road (CRR) will be developed between the Inner Ring Road and the Central Business District (CBD). This road is not a new one. It involves widening the existing roads into two ways with four lanes. There will be no signal lights on these roads. This means traffic here will move non-stop. The concept is a 24-km corridor that will allow only left turns. At all major junctions, grade separators will be developed. The main objective of this project is to create a way around the CBD that makes it possible for those passing by to other areas to take this route and reach their destination without having to enter the CBD localities.more...

Internet News Article | Reuters.com

Reuters says:
EBay Inc. is in talks to buy Web telephone phenomenon Skype Technologies SA, a source said on Thursday, prompting a 4 percent drop in shares of the online auctioneer amid concern Skype could crimp highly-profitable eBay's growth.more..

ePlus sues SAP for patent infringement |

CNET News.com reports:
U.S. business software maker ePlus is suing its biggest rival, Germany's SAP, claiming infringement of three of its software patents, SAP said Wednesday, confirming a German magazine report.more..:

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Apple's Other Legacy: Top Designers

Business Week says

In fact, the tech innovator's best feat may be a culture that helps generate so many folks who've gone on to create great products elsewhere

The first Macintosh. The titanium PowerBook. The iMac. The iPod. It's easy to think of Apple's (AAPL ) major design triumphs. They've shifted our conceptions of how a computer should look and feel, and changed the way we interact with technology -- and listen to music and connect with friends. Some innovations are small -- like the trash icon or the placement of a trackpad. Apple makes wildly imaginative products with a consistency few companies rival.

iPhones from Apple

1000 songs in your pocket changed everything(iPod mini). Here we go again.The invitation to next week's Apple eventhas given just enough clues to build a big buzz about whatever the company plans to announce.

The story that's taken hold is that Apple and Motorola will introduce the long-rumored iTunes phone next week. Some also expect to see a new iPod with 4 GB of flash memory storage. (This could be a replacement for the current iPod mini or an addition to the iPod shuffle line. Or the iTunes phone could have 4 GB of storage space. Or..?)

Could a new telephone handset really have the same market disrupting potential as the original iPod? We'll see.

Another Apple event, another rumor storm. Here we go again.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Review: New Google tools! What's the plan?

International Herald Tribune has:
Google, if you hadn't noticed, is no longer just an Internet search tool; it's now a full-blown software company. It develops elegant, efficient programs - and then gives them away.

Sidebar: Somewhere between a Toolbar and a Browser

Blog on Kesly Group:

I got an opportunity to preview Google’s version 2 of its desktop client (GD2) late last week. It’s very interesting and, in the few days I’ve been testing it out, pretty useful

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Behind Apple's Strategy: Be Second to Market : Technology : HBS Working Knowledge

HBS Working Knowledge says
Behind Apple's Strategy: Be Second to Market
"Apple Computer's recent domination of the digital music environment provides a surprising example of the disadvantages of being first to market. The innovative computer company that has become a leading force in the music space appears to have built a core strength around figuring out how to succeed at being a deliberate and very smart second (or even third) to market." more....:

Impulse: Learn from the master

Impulse: Learn from the master: "Learn from the master
July 29, 2005
You see them in every major museum in the world. They stand in clusters surrounding a statue, or sit cross-legged on the floor before a painting: art students carefully recreating a piece of art in their sketchbook. Meanwhile in a suburban garage, a teenage guitarist listens to the same damn song over and over until he can play along, mimicking the recording's every riff. Downtown, a saxophonist shadowboxes with Coltrane. Ambitious people imitating master artists in the hopes of furthering their craft. Musicians and painters have been doing this for centuries. I think imitation is a great learning technique; one that can be applied to any creative field."

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