Monday, December 19, 2005

Java - Is it going to Stay?

I know that this debate can go on for long and hot. However I still want to poke into it as some of the paradigms which we are looking can change dramatically over the next few years.Bruce A Tate an evangelist for Java and the co-creator of the spring framework has serious doubts as to where Java is going. Personally I feel the same too. Java as a language and the framework that surrounds it is too complex currently. We have every now and then a framework/technology comes up related to Java to confuse developers. Agreed that developers are a lot who love to learn new programming languages/paradigms, but the way Java or .Net for that matter is going to to complicate frameworks more. First there was simple Servlets and JSP, then came along templating frameworks, such as Tapestry etc....

Even .NET is getting complicated day by day than actually getting simpler. Strange that nobody is thinking about making frameworks easier for developers. What we think is as simple is actually comlpex for beginners to the language/framework.

HOWEVER I found Bruce A Tate talking about new trends in programming/frameworks, which shows the new age stuff which could change the world.You could read it here.

This gives us a new angle on framworks like rails etc.. I've been trying out this and will keep this area posted with my findings.,


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