Friday, December 30, 2005

Linux- a pain in the neck???

Recently I tried to male a concious move to Linux instead of running on Windows due to Ethical reasons. I have a new computer, with AM64 processor with a SATA hard disk and a VT8251 chipset. The surprising part is even though I'm not a computer guy I had to learn all this, because I just could not instll Linux on this configuration. I tried all of the so called distros(Fedora Core 4, Mandrake 2006, Ubuntu Breezy...). All I found was "No valid devices were found on which to create new filesystems". Eventually I got to know that the chipset which I bought was not compatible are releasing some kind of a patch in 2006. Moreover I also found a patch for linux itself, which is a pure C code. I wonder how a non computer releated guy like me install that. Hmmm I need a genie to do this kind of stuff. Strange, I've alwys heard that some of the richest minds on earth are those in the open source community of which a large percentage are involved in writing something or the other for Linux and we have this dammed platform, where a common user cannot use.

Well back to XP which is more reliable than ever at this moment and Long Live Microsoft , even if you charge, something works(that is how I'm writing this). Anyway I've lost all hope in the Linux community, even after posting countless messages in various forums,nobody dared to answer this question, or direct me to a previous message. Atleast for microsoft I can acll up whenever I need them. It is better to pay for something, rather than get a free lunch.

In conclusion "Is Linux a pain in the neck??", NOPE NOT AT ALL, it is a pain in the a**.,,,


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