Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two drops of Blood Changed my life.

Early friday morning, Kormangla-Bangalore, it is serene next to the lake, but a traffic jam is building up. On the east side of the lake, an artic coloured Maruti Swift(the latest car in the small-mid segment), has crashed into the back part of a truck carrying sand. Is it negligence on the part of the driver or apathy of our truck drivers/police to let trucks in that part of the road, I know not. But what I defnitely saw was two spots of blood spattered on the broken wind shield, the whole front part crushed and the steering wheel touching the front seat. Now I'm no expert on car crashes and their stability, but I can defnitely say, the driver and the co-passenger, if not dead, they were defnitely critically injured. Is it the fault of the car manufacturers, to build such a car, without sufficient test.Is it the fault of the truck driver, If it the fault of the police, or is it my fault to turn in the direction of the accident?

However one statement is fixed in my mind. At the moment I have a small car, but when I'm buying a new car, I defnitely would not go for a small car in this city. Maybe I will not get any parking space, maybe driving will be difficult as I cannot squeeze through traffic, but my wife and my future kid would be safe.,,


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