Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reports: Disney close to Pixar deal | CNET News.com

Walt Disney Co.'s board of directors has given its approval to make an offer to buy Pixar Animation Studios, the independent studio responsible for hits such as "Toy Story" and "The Incredibles," according to published reports.

After day-long meetings on Monday, the entertainment giant's board gave Chief Executive Robert Iger the right to offer Pixar close to $7 billion in stock for an acquisition deal, the New York Times reported, citing "people briefed on the negotiations." The Wall Street Journal offered a similar account, saying the purchase price would offer a "small premium" for Pixar's shares. The company's stock closed Monday at $58.27, giving the company a market value of $6.93 billion.

The deal must still be approved by the Pixar board, and several critical details that could prevent its completion remained outstanding, several reports warned. more...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

reveries magazine » Archive » indiOne Hotels

n Bangalore, you can get “spotless” hotel rooms, complete with “free wireless internet and 17-inch flat-panel TVs” for just $22 a night, reports Pete Engardio in BusinessWeek (1/23/06). That’s if you stay at the indiOne Hotel. Elsewhere in “booming Bangalore” hotel rooms “are so scarce that you’ll be lucky to pay less than $200 at a second-rate hotel.” But at indiOne, “an ambitious experiment by the Indian Hotels Co., a unit of Tata Group known mainly for its Taj luxury hotels … the goal is to re-invent the budget business hotel and prove it’s possible to make money selling quality rooms at reasonable rates.”more... Tags:

Math Will Rock Your World

Math Will Rock Your World

Math Will Rock Your World A generation ago, quants turned finance upside down. Now they're mapping out ad campaigns and building new businesses from mountains of personal data

Neal Goldman is a math entrepreneur. He works on Wall Street, where numbers rule. But he's focusing his analytic tools on a different realm altogether: the world of words.

Goldman's startup, Inform Technologies LLC, is a robotic librarian. Every day it combs through thousands of press articles and blog posts in English. It reads them and groups them with related pieces. Inform doesn't do this work alphabetically or by keywords. It uses algorithms to analyze each article by its language and context. It then sends customized news feeds to its users, who also exist in Inform's system as -- you guessed it -- math.more.. Tags :

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sydney Morning Herald:Stamp of approval for disposable camera - Breaking - Technology - smh.com.au

The posties of Australia could be in for a bit of a shock.

Rather than delivering conventional postcards, they could soon be dropping off high-tech digital postcards - ones with built-in flat screens that can play a slide show of photos taken by the sender.more...:

Business Week: How Apple Could Mess Up, Again

Apple is doing phenomenally well these days. It seems it's doing a textbook job of maintaining huge market share in digital music players, long after most experts thought that share would erode. And it's doing so with the same proprietary strategy that many thought would never stand up to an onslaught from the likes of Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and Yahoo!. Can Apple keep it up?more..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is 37signals The New Google? by Mitch Wagner

Is 37signals the new Google?

What am I, a psychic? How the heck should I know?

I don't know whether 37signals will grow from the plucky little startup it is today to become a multi-billion-dollar world-shaking powerhouse. But 37signals does have the zesty, refreshing, flavor of a little company called Google, ca. 1998. 37signals demonstrates its spunkiness in its application suite available on the company home page, and further described in this podcast interview with co-founder Jason Friedmore..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Steve Jobs Keynote by Guy Kawasaki

Lessons from Steve's Keynote
I attended Steve's keynote address at Macworld Expo San Francisco this morning, and I took a picture of most of the slides that he used. I couldn't capture them all because of the special effects he was using.more...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Line56.com: ERP Underused and Difficult

ERP Underused and Difficult
European ERP experiences as reported by PMP Research highlight both challenges and opportunities for vendors; despite everything, ERP still foundational

The Indian Economy India & America: Natural Allies?

India & America: Natural Allies?
January 6th, 2006 by Prashant Kothari

“What’s good for General Motors is good for America” said the the auto-makers’ executives during its heyday, in the 1960s. Not necessarily true — then, and now.

However, is it possible that what’s good for India is good for the US?

Charles Wheelan, in his Naked Economist column on Yahoo, thinks so and cites four reasons to back his claim, starting with the most obvious ,

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Next Big thing

What do you think the next big thing is? Is it Artificial Intelligence? Is it smarter Technology, Smaller Mobiles? Well I think it is McDonalds, KFC... opening up Fuel Stations all over the world next to their outlets. Why read here...

Soon you might just be eating your favourite chicken / burger and generating fuel for your car too. ,,

Tech's new resolutions -What Google,Apple,Microsoft must shoot for in 2006

B2 Report: Tech's new resolutions - Jan. 4, 2006: "This is the time of year when everyone makes extravagant promises to themselves and others. Why should the technology industry sit out the ritual?

So I'm offering New Year's resolutions to the powers that be. These aren't predictions, but they're well within the companies' reach. Here are my self-improvement tips -- and they didn't even have to ask."more...

“Let the Good Times Roll” by Guy Kawasaki

“Let the Good Times Roll” by Guy Kawasaki: "If only I could get paid for answering the question, “How can I get people to evangelize my product?” I would be able to stop working and play hockey every day. Alas, there is no way to get paid for this information, so I give it to you for free."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Times of India: SMS Power

PUNE: Making a wish at the popular Shree Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai is now just an SMS away. The temple, famous for its celebrity devotees including Big B, has tied up with a mobile content provider for a service where people can send their prayers via SMS.

The prayers will be compiled and kept in a 'wish box' inside the temple. With close to 10,000 SMSes flooding Lord Ganesha's inbox in just a week's time, it seems this hi-tech worship is fast catching on.

Although this is the first time the temple has used SMSes, it has always been an advocate of technology to make worshipping convenient.

The temple has an official website that allows devotees to book a puja online, buy devotional items at the e-shop and view live webcasts of the temple.

According to Sanjay Bhagwat, the temple trust's CEO, "Technology has become a vital part of everyone's life and the latest service we have started is to make praying convenient for people who may not be able to visit the temple. Not everyone can come to the temple, but the faith is always there." Says Shashi Kumar, business development manager of Mauj, the telecom solutions company which is providing the service, "Though we have not publicised this service on a large scale, the response has been good.

Now, it is convenient to make a wish at any time, from anywhere. We have also been getting repetitive SMSes from people. Many want to make a wish every day, something they wouldn't have been able to do unless they went to the temple on a daily basis.

Of course, despite technological worship, there are still thousands of people who visit the temple daily and wait in serpentine queues for Ganesha's blessings. In fact, Bhagwat says, the number of devotees visiting the temple has increased over the years.

"According to data, more than a crore devotees visit the temple every year and the number is increasing. We have close to 20,000 people coming inside the temple daily, and this does not include those who take darshan from outside.

Tuesday is an auspicious day where some 40,000 devotees visit the temple," he adds. According to popular belief, any wish made at the temple is always fulfilled.

Deccan Herald: Plusses of Bangalore Traffic

A brand new year, a brand new day. But some things never change. Like the traffic on Bangalore’s roads.

A brand new year, a brand new day. But some things never change. Like the traffic on Bangalore’s roads.

I know several self-appointed experts who say once you have driven through the maniacal maze that is Indian traffic, you can drive anywhere else in the world. I used to agree with them until I analysed the situation more closely, thus becoming a self-appointed expert myself.

Upon this close analysis, I discovered that Indian traffic meanders along. It is almost impossible to find a straight stretch of traffic. This is especially through within city limits, where people cut lanes faster than a hot knife through even hotter butter. Shining examples are the pioneers of zig-zag traffic — the auto rickshaw drivers. Observe an auto and you shall see it moves not unlike a crab — always sideways, never straight. Unless of course, the crab (read auto rickshaw driver) is so drunk that he starts moving unnaturally (read straight). So what should we do to these drivers? There is no answer! Indian traffic comes with its banes and boons. The banes are innumerable. There are, however, two heaven-sent boons.

Boon 1:

It restricts brain drain because the Indians who go abroad find that they are unable to drive in foreign traffic, which is more often than not orderly. Zig-zagging has become an old habit and as the saying goes, “Old habits die hard”, and in a certain Bruce Willis’ case, it dies hard with a vengeance. Thus, most Indians are forced to return to their motherland for want of Indian traffic.

Boon 2:

Ever heard of sibling rivalry? Well, Indian traffic has the power to induce brotherly qualities among motorists. Explicit profanities spew from mouths in all directions, thereby extending one’s vocabulary in every language known to man. In some situations, if a person hangs around the scene long enough, he might also get a basic introductory course to the art of street fighting, for free. So, if you have ever nurtured dreams of going abroad, I would strongly recommend that you employ a chauffeur here in India.,

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