Sunday, February 19, 2006

From Genuine Curiosity Blog: Incompetence is wonderful

Various learning models I've encountered over the years talk about four stages of learning. I just read an article by Peter Bergulnd that reminded me of this - here's an excerptmore..

Addendum to the above writeup: I think we here in India reach Concious Incompentence very early, by looking at others, whereas we do not reach for Unconcious Incompentence. We always look for new things to happen/take over, but not master one thing properly. Especially todays generation, always want new things before even they could master old ones. Nobody believes in the 80/20 principle. Sometimes we think that we know a lot, yes we do know a lot 20% of it, which is used in situations only 80% of the time. However to solve problems of the rest 20% we need 80% of the knowledge.

Constant Concious Incompetence must go in this direction of trying to understand the rest 80%. This is when we can change the way we look at life and the way we live.


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