Sunday, February 05, 2006

Indians alright by somebody ruling them?

I'm writing back after a very long time. Hope I can increase the frequency.

Yesterday(Sunday), I had a lot of time to think about things other than home and office, what struck my mind(during a nice hot showers where all ideas come to me), is that we Indians are being ruled.Here is my point of view.

Pre-Independence we were ruled by the British, which, with great difficulty were sent back. Now we are being ruled by MNC's.

India as a country, atleast in the IT sector is thriving because of MNC's. These multinationals who come here in the name of Globalization, actually come here for cheap labour only. Not for the quality of work that we can do. When I spoke to quite a few friends of mine who are from various MNC's the trend that I saw that emerged was, that none of the teams here in India, actually do breakthrough work for the company, they do other activities like testing,minor developments,support and maintenance and some amount of consulting. A lot of the work in terms of new innovations happening are still with the base countries.

I think I completely agree with such a business model of MNC's, because they want their countries to to grow, they want to make use of their population, their youth to develop new products no outsource the same. (Globalisation is this...)

However what I ask is , what are we doing to innovate more here? We work for MNC's for their products, but nothing is coming from India, take it IT, take it automobiles(I consider TATA as a true Indian brand making cars, others are assembling cars). So where is all the innovation going/happening??

Innovation in India is not HAPPENING. With people accepting mediocrity, things are not moving. We do not stand for our principles other than in Cricket(now I doubt that too), to say India is not a service country but we CAN DO INNOVATION. We are still happy with being an outsourcing country.

Somebody was mentioning that we are more concerned with power play and heirarchy in the society rather than real outputs. I don not know where this stems from, somebody says the caste system, however Suraj(a good friend of mine) says that caste system was made so that work can be distributed. I agree to this point, the question still remains is why no innovation now?

What we have to look at in the future is, we should be able to drive innovation into teh minds of everybody, in every process, in every industry, in every life. Every Indian must build a value system and live up to it. Every Indian must take pride that he/she drives around, uses a music system, uses a mobile..... "Made in India". Till then, we are going to be ruled by others as British ruled us.

Think about this friends, it is really a sorry state of affairs.,,


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