Thursday, February 16, 2006 Oracle Acquisition Predictions

Oracle has acquired open source embedded database specialist Sleepycat, but the company's interest in open source companies may not stop there.

There's already been widespread speculation about Oracle's possible interest in JBoss (middleware) and Zend (development/scripting tools), but now an alert from AMR Research discusses other potential targets in open source business intelligence. Click here to find out more!

AMR named Actuate, JasperSoft, and Pentaho as Oracle's possible BI targets. "Each would give Oracle the ability to expand further into open source as it moves up the stack from middleware components and tools to more of an application flavor."

Oracle has good reasons to get deeper into open source, argues AMR, with such moves "enhancing its stake as a ubiquitous technology platform provider, a la IBM. A traditional software purchase model alone would eventually stymie Oracle's growth objectives."


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