Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weather Woes

Weather, one of the most important aspects of our lives, it changes the way we work,live,eat.... BUT we choose to neglect it.

For quite sometime, I've been seeing the changes in the weather systems.
I live in Bangalore, and have been here all my life. From the early days, I've been a part of most of the important roads of Bangalore.

During the early 80's I distinctly remember the raintree lined avenues and the Gulmohar roads. Bangalore always had a beautiful climate,during winter we used to get to 11 degress and during the summers we never got above 28 degress.

But things had to change, the boom of the software world here, has given us the Silicon Valley of India, in lieu of the tree lined streets, we see bare-boned building. The effect of this.... yes temperature rises, now in summers we have temperatures upto 38 degrees. Summers in old Bangalore(I talk pre 1995) were plesant ones, it used to be bright and sunny during the day and towards evening,, we used to have gentle showers, all this in the month of April and May. During May especially, after the showers the roads used to be filled with the petals of the red Gulmohar which gave the tinge effect for sunsets.

But now all I see is abrupt weathers, in the month of March,we have had heavy downpours, to my best rememberance, this has not happened before. Today morning, it was foggy, imagine, for all these years, there was no fog in summers and now suddenly we see one.

With all these changes, let alone our children surviving, I wonder whether we would be able to survive all this.

Maybe i'm too nostalgic, but either we turn back the wheel of time in someway or the other, I need my good ol Bangalore back. ,


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