Sunday, April 16, 2006

Abhyasa and Vairagya - Part II

I discussed in Part I about the method Patanjali describes to study/learn. However learning is just one wing of the bird, without two, there is no flight. The second wing is Vairagya(Renunciation). Vairagya, here is not about leaving worldly pleasures and going to become an ascetic(this is the extreme for of Vairagya). It is all about leaving, expectations, feelings and any emotions, attached to your work/learning.

A lot has been written by business gurus in the recent years about Emotions and Work. However nobody has dared to define the thin line between the two, Patanjali has explored that. One must be attached to the learning/work, in such a deep way, that Emotions, must not be dettered for a long period of time, when an emotionally disturbing situation occurs. Vairagya is that. It is all about leaving everything else, money,emotions, all worldly things, when one is involved in learning. One must forget everything else for that infinte moment of, What am I going to benefit? What is my salary? What is my next position? How can I make people feel good about me? All one has to do is to direct these questions, towards the learning, rather than expend energy on such .

This has to deepened for deeper learning, if somebody decides to spend their time in the software industry writing business applications, then so it must be, one has to have a deep desire to do only that and nothing else. If something else suits you, then catch hold onto that path, but STICK THERE. Jumping companies, jumping fields, can always give growth money in a short term, but when it comes to life itself, think about what are you going to answer to your kids, programmed in Java/C.... Or you are an expert in writing software for Heart monitors, in financial applications, in search engines..

to get to this stage, you need both the wings, Abhyasa and Vairagya, to reach perffect balance and harmony. It is extremely difficult to manage both of these units, as the vagaries of the human mind, always push you towards materialistic pleasures and the easy paths of life. If one can master this then by what Patanjali says, you are closer to God(ie... your learning/work which becomes Godly to you). I guess that is why he says God is omnipresent and is everywhere in everybody, however only the true souls can see it. Yes only the true souls can see it, the true souls who have learnt and learnt to renounce things in life for a higher meaning and living.

Think about what should be written in your obituary about what you worked in your life, Java/C.... or a creator of a new breed of applications for the human advancement.,,,,


At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Balaji Sowmyanarayanan said...

Very Insightful post on Virakya.
Jut a bit to add to what you have said:
Virakya can be seen as Vi-Rakya( Without Colour).
Just like water( River) is colourless yet reflects the colour of the sand it flows through - as in Yellow river, red river etc.
Like that you can flow into your chosen activity. Reflect its essesnse fully. Yet be colourless.
I know it is easy to say, difficult to practice. Well, that is where it becomer uber-interesting!

-Balaji S.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Shalin said...

Was waiting for this one. Well written piece. It might sound practically difficult to follow this. But, that's the crux in life.

To sum it up: If you have found what you loving for, give your heart out to it and never give up! This love and dedication can do wonders.

So what's next? icon steve jobs? :)


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