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What do you do, when you are frustrated with life, when you are tired of doing the same old thing, when you are bored???

These feelings are surprisingly increasing in our Society(India) especially among the software professionals in the age group of 24-35. I've been noticing that people in this age group has a lesser attention span than most of the CEO's of large corporations.

When I mean attention span here, I mean to say the sticky rate to organizations. i.e.. to what extent are people sticking in organizations for a long time and for wht purposes. We see young people jumping from one company to another for various reasons, I could think of these
a) Monetary: This is the weakest reason of all to jump, especially with more business coming into our country, I see no reason why somebody jump companies for just money

b) Not getting to do what you want to do:Well this one is something one has to figure out on their own. Are they clear on what they want to do in the first place? I have a friend, who has jumped 4 companies in 5 years. Look at his record, He jumped his first company for monetary reasons, he jumped the second one, just because he felt the company does not have exciting projects(look at point 3 on how to handle this), he jumped the third one, because he did not work on VC++, he jumped the fourth one, because he was not promoted, and now he is in his fifth company. I guess he will soon run out of reasons, and will have to cycle through the old ones, whe he will start feeling the prick of doing the mistakes over again. Mind you all these companies are global ones, some of them are in Fortune 100 list too.

c) Not having a challenging job:Not every time would you get to do the best work. You cannot be in the limelight for long, remember "Today's Laurels are tommorows compost". So when one project leads to another, you will defnitely not have a challenging job everytime. And moreover, you cannot give your best every time, if every single moment is challenging. If you ever face a situation like this, do what Dave Pollard writes, makes a lot of sense.

d) Not being promoted:Dude come one, if somebody thought you are good, for the next level, you would be there by now. So what is the secret of promotions, though I've never been promoted, a wise man said, the day you make your boss redundant, you can take his/her place. What and absolute truth, however not many understand this.

I've seen a complete anti-thesis to this one too. I've met a few guys from really large corporation, who have spent being developers for 25-30 years(yes trust me on this). What motivates them to do this. It is only one thing, they are passionate at what they do. They JUST LOVE IT. Yes lots of them quit their jobs at some point of time, to pursue something else, I guess that is justified as they explored one area atleast completely. After talking to them I see they are wanting to enrich their lives with each experience of theirs. Many of them have varied hobbies, which keep them occupied. They look at life as a whole experience with family,friends,interests, and work. It is a more balanced approach.

Indians have always been known to work for extra hours, for weekends etc... We as people are not building a character. If I ask a question to many of my friends, "What did they do on their weekend?", the only answer I get is I watched a movie, went shopping, met friends, went bowling/karting, slept at home(as I was tired), watched a cricket match, read a book. etc...

Not many say, I went hiking/climbing. I'm building a model of a train/plane. I attend dance classes, I cooked something new. I mapped my locality(cartography). When we find people out of our country do all these things we think it is something great, well it is not.

So people put down your work, catch up on something you have missed in your life, don't just look at work,money,the next project, look beyond. Think what can you tell your grand kids other than than Java,C and that manager of yours asking you to stay back in the office. THINK.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Shalin said...

good post. Reminds me of a post I wrote "Candy, Coffee and Cocaine: Job life cycle" -

As an entrepreneur it's been a challenge to be to find people who don't take work just how your good friend does.

I appreciate your post. It's a good message which should reach many. Keep writing!

Shalin Jain

At 6:50 AM, Blogger Young J said...

Thanks Shalin,
The feeling is pretty deep. I'm not too sure how many are in this channel. Hey winderful writeup there on CAndy,Coffee, Cocaine. Brings back life into my thoughts.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger PRASHANT SINGH said...

great post . i stumbeled on your blog while reading BarCampBangalor wiki . i really identify with your thoughts . i have seen a lot of my folks changing jobs, not living a 100% life nad always surpressing there desire to follow their own path .
On the surface it looks liek an random process , lie a ship floating without a rudder. but if you look closely your will find that its not totally a chaos ,there is a grain or order in the seemingly random behaviour of these folks .

why we indians are very insecure with jobs, less adventurous and boring ? why can't they express them self 100% and be proud of what they are ? why we trade the thrill of enterprenuership for the security f a Job at an IT Service firm ? i think the answer lies in our social setting and our upbringing . we are always under constant pressure to live up to our social image which is mostly different to what real person
we are .

some time back i wrote a blog post about it. you can read it here

reading your post i felt the same feeling of itch to follow my calling . thanks for the refresher


At 11:44 PM, Blogger PRASHANT SINGH said...

URL is


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