Saturday, April 01, 2006

QCodo, a php development framework

QCodo is the latest on the blocks, php development framework. I really like it more than Rails. Reason? Last year, a few of us including Sathish came up with this idea to generate code based on Database Designs for php, we are still working on it. I guess Mike Ho(Creator of QCodo) thought about this long ago(hence we could not take it further :-))

Anyway, now that this framework is out, it seems worlds apart, I'm no expert to make comparisons between Rails and QCodo, but one thing I do know is that both frameworks over a period of time would mature itself and deliver to the right section of users. A few years ago, the hype created that Java could do everything was there(and it did create), now ruby(Rails) has it. In the future who knows???? Probably languages might cease to exist and you might code by just talking to your computer. (Dreaming)...

QCodo, do check it out.


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