Saturday, April 08, 2006

Summer Poerty

Back to writing poetry after a very long time. Was doing this in my 11th, but then somehow was lost.Anyway here is one for the Summer.

Summer Summer

O Summer, Summer, how you are here,
No respite for me far or near.

Early morn I wake,
in response to your harsh bake.

Through the day I'm drowned in sweat,
I feel you are the hottest this yeat, I BET.

Clothes shed from Jeans to shorts,
from sweats to sleeveless,
in the relentless heat of yours.

Yet you burn bright,
giving hope to me that it would be better in the night.

The hum and drone of the little guy,
makes me squeam and cry.

I run for the windows and spray,
only in vain and terrible dismay.

All night in bed I rock and roll,
with the mosquito playing on my never resting soul.

CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN, Summer, I pray,
for the heat of yours is yet to cross may.

O Summer, Summer how you are here,
No respite for me far or near.



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